Every Call Matters

TotalView® bridges the gap between monitoring and resolution, telling you exactly when, where, and why a call quality problem occurred in a matter of minutes.
All VoIP networks have quality issues. And when your users complain about echo, garbled conversations, clipping or dropped calls, it’s up to you to fix it. Fast. But there are hundreds of reasons for poor voice quality and worse yet, potentially hundreds or even thousands of links, routers, and switches to check across any number of locations. Instead of spending hours, or possibly days, trying to identify where and why a problem occurred, TotalView tells you exactly what your problem is in a matter of minutes:

“The call quality problem between x3726 and x4412 at 8:45 am was due to the Marketing2 switch interface #6 dropping 9% of its packets due to a cabling fault.”

Most VoIP troubleshooting tools merely confirm that you have a problem but leave analyzing its root-cause up to UC teams—a resource-constrained and time-consuming process. TotalView:

  • Analyzes all corners of the network and beyond, to third party carriers.
  • Identifies the root-cause of call quality problems in plain-English.
  • Assesses network readiness for VoIP implementation and deployment.

TotalView solves all your VoIP performance problems, delivering reliable phone service at the lowest possible cost.