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TotalView makes VoIP testing & troubleshooting easy.

TotalView®  for Telecom Ops gives you the VoIP troubleshooting tools for root-cause analysis (RCA) of call quality problems, telling you exactly the time, location and reason for packet loss in plain English. Problems get solved the first time they occur. TotalView’s Call Simulator tool allows for unlimited packet loss tests.


VoIP Testing Tools—Because Every Call Matters

TotalView includes the right tools for both VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting, telling you the location, time and reason for each call quality problem, almost immediately.


All VoIP networks have quality issues. And when your users complain about echo, garbled conversations, clipping or dropped calls, it’s up to you to fix it. Fast. But there are hundreds of reasons for poor voice quality; think of 100-1000 links, routers, and switches to check, in all the locations. Instead of waiting your time trying to identify where and why a problem occurred, TotalView tells you exactly what your problem occured in a matter of minutes:

“The call quality problem between x3726 and x4412 at 8:45 am was due to the Marketing2 switch interface #6 dropping 9% of its packets due to a cabling fault.”

Most VoIP troubleshooting tools merely confirm that you have a problem but leave the RCA up to UC teams—a resource-constrained and time-consuming process. TotalView:

  • Analyzes all corners of the network and beyond, to third-party carriers.
  • Identifies the root cause of call quality problems in plain English.
  • Assesses network readiness for VoIP implementation and deployment.

TotalView provides RCA on all VoIP performance problems, delivering reliable phone service at the lowest possible cost.



Proactive VoIP Optimization, Less Poor Quality or Dropped Calls

TotalView’s Prescription Engine continuously tracks the health and performance of every device, router, and link in the network, telling you when, where, and why problems occur as well how to resolve them. Identify issues before they become problems, make your UC resources more productive and your VoIP network more efficient, virtually eliminating poor quality or dropped calls.


Fast Deployment, Less Setup Time

Most performance management tools take days or weeks to deploy, but TotalView deploys in less than an hour. It automatically discovers your network, configures itself, and starts monitoring. Spend less time setting up the system—spend valuable time improving the network.


Makes the Most of Your Infrastructure Investment

With TotalView, most organizations find and resolve more problems on their VoIP network within the first few minutes of deployment than have been resolved in the previous year. Issues are identified before they become problems, network performance is always optimal, and the UC team is more productive—making the most out of your infrastructure investment.


Makes the Most of Your PoE Investments

Power over Ethernet (PoE), which delivers power over LAN cabling to network devices, is one of the most widely deployed technologies. While the benefits of PoE are substantial—in terms of cost savings, ease of deployment, improved energy efficiencies, and reliability—until now there has been no automated way to monitor and manage the power status and usage of PoE switches. Full PoE monitoring at both the device and port levels is supported, enabling you to easily identify, manage, and monitor high power drawing devices as well as proactively troubleshoot power faults.


An Extra Resource—Without the Overhead

Most companies and organizations are tasked with doing more with less and budget constraints, in up or down economies, are always an issue. With TotalView, it’s as if you have an extra senior-level UC engineer working just for you as it automatically monitors all switches and routers, finds and diagnoses problems, and recommends fixes.


Performance at a Glance

Network maps, dashboards, and drillable reports show the performance of every router, link, and device on your network.


Proactive Problem Resolution

Take users out of the notification loop. Instead of waiting for someone to log a problem, you are immediately notified when link or device failures or excessive utilization rates occur.


See Every Phone on Your Network

No need to track the location of new or existing phones. TotalView does this for you.


Easily Plan for the Future

Simulate any number of VoIP calls from one location to another so you can easily plan for network expansions and validate what you need to support them.

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