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Root-Cause Troubleshooting for Data and VoIP/UC Networks

PathSolutions was founded in 2007 by Tim Titus, a self-described network geek who has managed networks and teams of all sizes for large semiconductor companies as well as smaller startups. At the time, Tim believed that network performance management solutions were lacking in how they approached troubleshooting the exact cause of a problem.  For example, if a user asked “Why did the network glitch between my application and the server 20 minutes ago?” there was no solution on the market that would identify the exact source and cause of the problem.  As a result, a significant gap existed in the marketplace for a strong troubleshooting solution.

While there were many solutions that identified failures and outages on a network as well as problems with applications and resources on servers, few went beyond analyzing a network’s basic operation. So if your problem was not related to a bandwidth limitation, these solutions would not be able to tell you how to resolve it. As a result, IT resources were pushed to the limit spending hours, days, even weeks, looking for the root-cause of a specific problem.

Tim believed that if you were able to see and analyze the most granular level of a network—at both the device-level which is made up of routers, switches, cables, and firewalls, as well as the interface level—you would be able to quickly troubleshoot the root-cause of the problem. Sounds simple but there’s a reason many solutions don’t look at the gap: There are hundreds of reasons for poor network performance and potentially, hundreds or even thousands of links, routers, and switches to check across any number of locations. Root-cause troubleshooting is hard.

PathSolutions was founded to bridge the gap between monitoring and resolution, delivering root-cause troubleshooting solutions that tell you when, where, and why your problem occurred and recommend how to fix it.

At PathSolutions our mission is quite simple: to ensure high performing networks at the lowest possible cost. Our VoIP and network root-cause troubleshooting solutions install and deploy in less than twelve minutes, continuously analyze the performance of your entire network, tell you when, where, and why problems occur and even recommend fixes in plain-English. Our customers consistently tell us that they have found and fixed more network issues in the first days of deployment than they did the previous year. Our partners use our solutions to perform network assessments and troubleshooting on their customers’ networks and recommend it to their customers.

Root-cause troubleshooting is hard. PathSolutions makes it easy.