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Network monitoring and troubleshooting is hard. TotalView makes it easy.

TotalView® bridges the gap between network monitoring and troubleshooting, telling you exactly when, where and why your problem occurred in a matter of minutes.

  • Automated network monitoring & troubleshooting software that quickly performs root-cause analysis (RCA) on network problems in plain English.

TotalView for NetOps is our core product, built for advanced network monitoring and troubleshooting.


Network Monitoring

There’s a reason why many IT professionals charged with keeping their networks up and running find network troubleshooting challenging and tedious. It’s often because they’re using the wrong tools.

After all, network monitoring is about more than just ensuring things are working — it’s ensuring that your networking is working optimally and to its fullest potential.

To this end, network performance monitoring (NPM) involves collecting data from a variety of sources to gain a full perspective on network health and availability. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to quickly spot problems as they arise, diagnose underlying issues, deploy solutions, and make sure the network never misses a beat.

Most IT professionals turn their attention to monitoring software. Unfortunately, basic network monitoring tools usually aren’t much help in solving networking issues. They may indicate that something is wrong but give you no guidance on where the problem lies, or how to fix it. Worse, they may claim that everything is working fine even when the user experience indicates otherwise. This often creates a serious disconnect between your network monitoring tools and the reality your users are facing.

Advanced Network Monitoring Tools

Fortunately, PathSolutions TotalView will help you diagnose issues and allow you to get to the root cause so that you can truly fix them without spending hours, weeks, or even months doing so.

Network Monitoring Systems (NMS)

Our full network monitoring system provides metrics and logs for every corner of your network. Automated root-cause troubleshooting means you can validate a poor user experience and solve the identified issue quickly — all thanks to the right information and an accurate interpretation of the issue.

Network Performance Monitoring Diagnostics (NPMD)

TotalView allows you to go broader and deeper than other basic monitoring tools that aim to uncover networking issues. Our software gives you real-time visibility into the entire infrastructure, including packet, flow, and device monitoring. This allows you to see performance data and identify bottlenecks that are preventing the network from operating as it should. Once issues are taken care of, you’ll have tons of data at your fingertips to analyze metrics and pinpoint specific areas for optimization.

Ultimately, the goal is to help you detect and resolve your network issues proactively: before they cause downtime or a loss of productivity.

Streamlining Network Management

The platform saves you time by helping you take control of your network management to-do list. Configuration management and device monitoring tools are easy to find and use, and you can automate routine tasks like device provisioning and backups, freeing up even more of your time for the things that truly matter.

Customizable alerts and network mapping help you identify and address areas of concern within your IT infrastructure. And centralized control and customizable dashboards give you all of the information you need exactly how you need to see it to maintain control of your network.

User-Friendly Software

The PathSolutions team understands that you don’t have the extra time to figure out how to complete your network troubleshooting tasks and decode the error codes that your monitoring software provides. This is why our software employs a heuristic engine that communicates issues in plain English.

You’ll get root-cause answers delivered in a way that makes sense so you can resolve issues faster and more efficiently without having to call on your senior engineers for help.

Proven Expertise and Exceptional Customer Support

The team at PathSolutions has many years of experience in the network monitoring industry. We’ve seen it all when it comes to troubleshooting network issues and can support you through the entire process.

Additionally, we don’t “send you to the forums” to try to resolve your problems, we have US-based engineers who can directly help you achieve resolution.

Finding the right tool to get the job done is key. Don’t allow yourself to spend weeks and months chasing down the root causes of issues that may not even matter by the time you find the answers you’re looking for. Instead, take advantage of our TotalView solution.

The total visibility our platform provides allows you to have the information and insight you need not only to keep your organization safe but to keep it operating at maximum capacity.

TotalView® identifies the root-cause of network issues anywhere on your network.


Developed and built with thoughtful engineering.


Monitors and evaluates all SNMP, NetFlows, Syslogs and WMI.


API integration is designed into the front and back ends of the product:

Restful JSON front end, SQLite database, NetAlly integration and PaloAlto integration

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