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Your Network Is Trying to Tell You Something — Are You Listening

End-to-End Troubleshooting & Everything In the Middle


"I like the focus on creating an affordable, easy-to-use system that aids medium-sized organizations with limited network staff. "

Terry Slattery

Principal Architect
No Jitter & NetCraftsmen

“TotalView gives us more information, with more analysis than any other solution. This means we always know what’s happening and can be proactive about problem solving.”

Chris Cromer

IT Director

"Manual digging needs to go away in #Networking - #automation to collect #intelligence, analysis it, and tell you what's working and what's broken" - starting out right in the @goPathSolutions kick off at #XFD3"

Zoë Rose

Cybersecurity Analyst
BH Consulting

"PathSolutions can backup configs from discovered infrastructure devices and provide config diffs as they are discovered. #NFD26"

Tim Bertino

Senior Network Engineer
Art of Network Engineering

"You might describe TotalView as broad with occasional depth, representing a selected (curated!) set of high-priority management capabilities. To get a feel for that, the product features page is impressive!"

Pete J. Welcher

Network Architect

"Dynamic Network Map that updates every 5 seconds @goPathSolutions sounds greatttt. "

Snehal Patel

Global Network Architect
Gap Inc.

"5 minutes stats collected by @goPathSolutions can be kept up to 30 months as long as you have space to store it."

Mario Gringas

Wireless Network Administrator

"Use @goPathSolutions to find the Gremlins in your technology infrastructure! #XFD3"

Pieter-Jan Nefkens

Nefkens Advies

"Microbursts that occur between polls of the interfaces can be tracked based on the interface counters and errors that are changed during the burst. Buffers fill up and drops happen between polls - they will show up in @goPathSolutions TotalView."

Richard McIntosh

Network Engineer

"PathSolutions Does a lot for you out of the box."

Peter J. Welcher

Network Architect

"@goPathSolutions Network Security Awareness is a great complement to your SecOps strategy! NOW WITH CVE SUPPORT! #XFD3"

Christopher Kusek

Remedy8 Security

“TotalView has been able to show us, within seconds, what traffic is causing high utilization on our WAN circuits. This allows us to immediately start heading in the right direction towards solving the issue.”

Jonathan C. Turner

Network Systems Analyst II
NYCM Insurance

"PathSolutions has a built in Voice Simulation testing module. Pretty handy! #NFD26"

Jason Gintert

WAN Dynamics

"TotalView actually can do much more than SNMP polling. Integration with Active Directory can show users logged on a computer, it can leverage WMI to monitor server CPU and correlate it with performances. Think about how many times the troubleshooting process starts with the network is slow and ends with server CPU was 100%. ...It is definitely a product I’d like to try on my network."

Gian Paolo Boarina

Senior Network Engineer

"PathSolutions provides a TotalView of your network with Heuristic engines, easy path mapping that is automatic and agile and can even help junior engineers to understand and learn with their Network performance and monitoring system."

Nick Shoemaker

Discipline Lead, Infrastructure Modernization, Wireless and Mobility
ZeroDays Technology Solutions

"Impressed with TotalView from @goPathSolutions. Seems easy and straight forward to use. I'd love to kick the tires a little more."

Luis Chanu

Principal Solutions Architect
Applied Computer Solutions

"Utilization prediction! Complete with anticipated 100% utilization date! @goPathSolutions #NFD26"

A.J. Murray

Networking Team Lead
Art of Network Engineering

"This gives you so many incredible features! @goPathSolutions #NFD26"

Girard Kavelines

Dynamic IT Solutions, LLC

"PathSolutions has created a great product that has simplified my life. The company provides timely and personable support that is friendly and knowledgeable."

Jon Studor

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer
Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"Excited to hear @goPathSolutions present at #nfd20. PathSolutions is a current sponsor of #NetworkCollective and has some unique tools for network visibility."

Jordan Martin

Network Collective Podcast

"RemoteView enables users to request help when problems arise and connect with IT staff at your company to solve the issues in real-time. The RemoteView client gives support staff significant insight into the workings of the machine."

Tom Hollingsworth

Network Engineer
Tech Field Day

"TotalView is our go to software that our techs use on a daily basis to not only monitor the status of our entire network infrastructure, but also to troubleshoot connectivity, performance and security issues"

Arne Nystrom

Principal Network Administrator
Long Beach City College

"@goPathSolutions approach is Total Network Visibility. Leave no link unmonitored!!!"

Snehal Patel

Global Network Architect
Gap Inc.

"What is really running at your envirment ? To build up a baseline is so important . This is how @goPathSolutions is doing it #XFD3"

Dominik Pickhardt

Network Engineer
ITDZ Berlin

"Impressed with @goPathSolutions TotalView - they go deep into interface level statistics, analyze what they see, and provide alerts in plain English."

Matt Haedo

Senior Solutions Architect

"The UI looks really well thought out. Having the ability to watch 19 health stats on switch/router interfaces along a path, then have contextual advice on cause or errors and possible solutions. No googling for error information."

Brian Gleason

Senior Network Engineer

Product Awards

TMC Remote Work Pioneer Award 2023
Software Advice Front Runners award 2022
Software Advice Most Recommended 2021