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NetFlow Analyzer | Network Monitoring Tools

Monitor an unlimited number of network interfaces and watch for NetFlow security risks.

A NetFlow Analyzer That is License‐Unlimited

If you can rapidly identify who is using your bandwidth through NetFlow, you can make sure that business-critical resources are used appropriately.

Our NetFlow analyzer reports and tracking software permits an unlimited number of interfaces to be added to NetFlow monitoring. This means you never lose visibility due to a license limitation.

Mysterious network slowdowns won’t go un-diagnosed.


NetFlow Security Monitoring

Anywhere our bandwidth report displays an IP address that is not an internal address, it also shows you who the device is communicating with, where they are located, and the security risks associated with that communication.

This means you are quickly alerted if a device is communicating with high-risk IP addresses from unscrupulous sources.


Communications Policy Manager

Define acceptable usage policies for your infrastructure and receive alerts when communications occurs outside this policy. This network risk monitoring capability creates insight into who is communicating with critical high-security devices, unmanaged IoT devices, and desktops.


  • The Chicago office can access the web application server, but not the database server.
  • IoT devices should only communicate with the IoT manufacturer.
  • Printers can communicate with print servers, the manufacturer, and the servicing company, but nothing else.

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