What Does a Turtle Have to Do with Network Troubleshooting?

Here at PathSolutions, we’ve been warning our customers about the silent threat of “turtling” their networks. What exactly does this warning mean, and what does it have to do with your business?

Well, think about what happens when a turtle winds up rocking back and forth on its shell. While the turtle may not know it, he is in imminent danger. That's what many improperly monitored networks are like; Network and UC folks think their network is functioning properly, when it is actually rife with problems and there are a lot of unhappy users.

We’re Saving One Turtle at a Time

Don’t be like our friend, Timmy the Turtle (yes, we named him). Instead, join us in our campaign to Save One Turtle at a Time. Make sure you aren’t stuck just monitoring your network, but have the ability to troubleshoot the root-causes of network issues. If not, sign up for a demo and we’ll show you how to take turtling out of your network. After the demo, we’ll send you a free network magnet set–turtle included–so that you can easily map out your network on any magnetic whiteboard.

To find out more about turtling: