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Packet Loss Testing

All networks lose packets. A few packets lost here and there tend to be no big deal, but if you have a bunch of packets lost, it can cause VoIP/UC call quality problems, video artifacts, and data slowdowns due to retransmits.

The part is finding out when, where, and why some packets are being dropped. Without second-generation network monitoring software with packet loss testing as a part of the package, manually checking every involved interface in a transaction can be painful. 

Your network may have hundreds of switches and routers, and thousands of links—each one has the possibility of dropping packets, and for a wide variety of reasons. You don't want to manually check every involved interface in a transaction. Reviewing the network path used between the two endpoints can be tedious, and by the time you investigate all of the interfaces and devices, the problem may have mysteriously disappeared and is no longer occurring.

If you had a way of investigating which links and devices were used between any two endpoints, and learn what their activity was at the moment of an event, with enough details on packets lost, you could solve the problem in a few seconds.

PathSolutions TotalView is designed to solve this problem easily. Our Path Mapping capability, and Total Network Visibility collection will show you what your monitoring software doesn’t know about your network: When, where, and why packets went missing.

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