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Leadership is Earned, Not Given

There are lots of ways to successfully “lead” a company—some feature more traditional executive teams and roles while others take a different approach. We are one of the “others.”

Growing a successful company in the heart of Silicon Valley has its challenges. One thing we’ve learned along the way is that traditional roles sometimes become roadblocks to getting work done. When it comes to making decisions, getting work done, motivating the team, developing our root-cause troubleshooting solutions, providing superior customer service, and lots of other stuff, the person who knows the most about a given area or topic, takes the lead.

Our governing mantra is simple but effective: leadership is earned, not given. Each of us is responsible for many functions, but we work together to ensure that PathSolutions is a successful, thriving enterprise software company, fueled by talented, passionate employees, who help SecOps, Telecom, and NetOps teams across diverse industries achieve network nirvana.


Andy Bohart


Andy Bohart is PathSolutions’ business and financial leader and heads up the customer facing teams within the company. He has been a part of PathSolutions from almost the beginning, first as an adviser, founding board member, and finally, managing business operations. Andy brings over 20 years of operations, sales, and general business management experience with companies ranging in size from small startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises. As a former United States Marine, Ironman Triathlete, and ultra-marathon runner, Andy also brings a special kind of drive and determination to the organization with a laser-like focus on results and growth. While Tim is PathSolutions technical genius, Andy is the company’s business guru. In true Silicon Valley style, these two leaders have made PathSolutions what it is today.

Tim Titus


Tim Titus, Founder and CTO of PathSolutions, is a network geek and proud of it. Before starting his network troubleshooting company, he spent more than 25 years working for small and large companies in a variety of roles: from Network Engineer to Network Manager to Network Director. Tim has taught college-level networking courses and is a member of the CSM Computer Information Science Advisory Board. He has also worked as a member of Interop’s NOC team. Tim’s ongoing commitment to network performance excellence started early; in 1984, he was the founder of his high school’s computer club—before computers were cool or commonplace. All of this led Tim to found PathSolutions in his garage (true story). Today PathSolutions has more than 500 customers, ranging from SMBs to the Fortune 1,000.