TotalView 12 Features

TotalView® v12 includes a number of heavy-hitting features that will cover a lot of new ground, and at the same time change how monitoring and troubleshooting is done.

For many organizations, when a new server is added to the domain, the monitoring software must be configured to add the server, services, CPU, RAM, and disks to monitoring.  If you don’t monitor subservient processes and one fails, your service will stop working and nothing will indicate the fault.  Additionally, if you run out of licenses, then you’re stuck not having visibility into potentially critical processes or services.

TotalView is turning this upside down: By default, we will monitor ALL services, disks, processes, CPUs, and memory footprints for ALL servers that are in the domain.  This means that once the server is added to the domain, it’s monitored – no configuration effort required.  This feature is license-unlimited so you’ll have complete coverage for every server and service in your environment.

Additional features are outlined below.


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