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Monitoring is not Enough—Fixing the Problem is What's Important

There are many tools that aid in making you aware of problems, but the hard part is just starting:

Where is the problem happening? What is causing the problem?

Finding where the problem is in the network can be a daunting task if your network has more than just a couple of switches and routers. This is where it becomes time-consuming, as monitoring software doesn’t have enough information to disclose the problem, and there is a significant number of switches, routers, and links that need to be checked for configuration, performance, and error counters.

Doing this investigation manually takes time and expertise. You have to know what to look for and how to find the information. You have to know how to interpret the data to make sure that you don’t overlook key elements, or jump to an incorrect conclusion.

This is what TotalView does – it automatically collects troubleshooting information that monitoring software doesn’t look at. It correlates and analyzes the information to provide plain-English answers to problems to speed resolution.

What you get with TotalView that you don’t get with any other solution:

  • Visibility into the entire network: All links, switches, and routers in the entire infrastructure
  • Tracking of 18 error counters per interface in addition to configuration and performance information
  • Path-mapping to correlate involved links, switches, and routers along a path through the network
  • Historical tracking of information every 5 minutes (not just snapshots)
  • Network prescription™ engine that analyzes error counters to produce plain-English answers to problems

All of these features give you the ability to fix more problems in your network, faster.

PathSolutions TotalView covers all of these bases, ensuring the best operating environment for your Network.

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Identify and Resolve the  Root-Cause of Network Problems

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