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Connecting the World Through Language

Certified Languages International (CLI) connects people who speak different languages all day, around the clock with premier live translators. People who communicate in 200 different languages need to talk to health care providers, work with government agencies, book hotel reservations, and conduct important financial transactions. Those communication has to be flawless between expert translators and CLI’s clientele.

VoIP/UC problems have to be identified and resolved immediately.

“TotalView is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting. If we’re seeing MOS (Mean Opinion Scores) start to fall on a network segment, we can deploy the call simulation client and see exactly what the network sees to the point to where we’re seeing issues. This gives us a snapshot along the way so we can track down exactly where we see the issue.” — Jim Barber, Telecom/Network Systems Manager

Network problems can pop up anywhere. Jim has come to rely on TotalView’s data collecting and analysis tools to help find where errors are occurring with tools like Natural Language Troubleshooting.

“Something I really like is the natural language translation search. It’s awesome. Someone needs a pat on the back for that.”

Natural language troubleshooting lets the network engineer just type in what they’re looking for, like “What’s happening in the Kansas datacenter?”, and TotalView shows just what’s happening—or happened in the past on the network.

Quality, accuracy, and speed are critical to CLI serving its clients well. Problems have to be found and resolved fast. As their clients and number of expert translators grow, the network has to be ready to grow and expand so CLI can continue to provide its customers with the reliability and accuracy they need. TotalView is an integral part of the practice to achieving the goal of crystal clear communications.


Monitor and troubleshoot root-cause VoIP/UC quality problems for inbound and outbound communications for external calls across the United States and internal use.


PathSolutions TotalView


Constant monitoring on the state and health of the network and performance with TotalView gives the team deeper and broader insight into the sources and causes of packet loss, QoS, and other issues that affect call quality.