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Natural Language Troubleshooting Tools

What is Natural Language Troubleshooting? It’s the ability to ask plain-English questions like:

“What happened in the New York network 25 minutes ago?”
“What just happened?”
“What happened between and at 2:35pm?”
“Where is connected to the network?”

This means you don’t have to have primal knowledge of the network – the system will analyze the network and produce answers to your questions so remediation can immediately begin.

(length: 2 minutes)

This allows anyone in the organization to be able to troubleshoot network, VoIP, and video problems with a single plain-English query.


Amazon Echo Integration

TotalView also includes support for communicating with Amazon Echo. This permits you to ask questions like:

“Alexa, ask TotalView what happened in the Atlanta network 15 minutes ago?”

And it will respond:

“The Atlanta2 switch interface #3 changed status to down”

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