Natural Language Troubleshooting

What is Natural Language Troubleshooting? It’s the ability to ask plain-English questions like:

“What happened in the New York network 25 minutes ago?”
“What just happened?”
“What happened between and at 2:35pm?”
“Where is connected to the network?

This means you don’t have to have primal knowledge of the network – the system will analyze the network and produce answers to your questions so remediation can immediately begin.

This allows anyone in the organization to be able to troubleshoot network, VoIP, and video problems with a single plain-English query.


Amazon Echo Integration

TotalView v8 NLT will also include support for communicating with Amazon Echo. This will permit you to ask questions like:

“Alexa, ask TotalView what happened in the Atlanta network 15 minutes ago?”

And it will respond:

“The Atlanta2 switch interface #3 changed status to down”

How do I get it?

Natural Language Troubleshooting will be released in September to customers that have active support contracts. It will also be available as a separately purchased add-on module after it is released.


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