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Three Unpleasant Aspects of Downtime You May Not Have Considered

Jul 15, 2015

art reality conceptJust about every IT professional can speak to the horrors of network downtime; after all, when downtime occurs, major financial loss can accrue, and heads may roll as a result.

Aside from these issues, however, there are some aspects you may not have considered. Since a strong network is the digital backbone for most organizations today, when it goes under, the entire organization can be affected.

Here are some unforeseen consequences that can arise when your core infrastructure unexpectedly shuts down:

Internal processes will cease: Think about it: If an Internet link fails, or if a main server connection is lost, your entire company could be affected; HR, customer service and inventory will all be disconnected. So it’s not just your IT department that will have to work overtime sorting through emails, cleaning up customer service issues, and fulfilling orders once service is restored. The damage could take days to repair. In some cases, the failure could be irreversible.

Deadlines will be missed: In a perfect world, we’d be able to suspend business deadlines at our leisure. In reality, if customers are depending on your organization to turn projects around in a timely manner, network downtime is no excuse for tardiness. Your business could wind up letting down critical clients and suffering the results of their disappointment as a result of a simple network problem that went unaddressed and led to a major malfunction.

Worker confidence will be affected: Top employees—like C-suite members, creative professionals, managers and directors put their personal reputations on the line every day working for your corporation. Sales professionals, for that matter, depend on timely communications in order to earn their income. When something goes wrong that prevents any of these workers from doing their jobs, it reflects poorly on them. As a result, your best employees could wind up losing confidence in your company if you do not supply them with a network that is capable of staying up and running around the clock.

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