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Network Downtime: An Undeniable Reality

Jul 20, 2014

photo-server-down-28439882_1200wLast year on August 17, Google suffered a major network crash which resulted in a financial loss of about $500,000. As a result of the crash, which affected services such as Gmail and YouTube, overall global Internet traffic dropped by as much as 40 percent. The real kicker, however, is that Google’s servers were only down for between one to five minutes. If the company wasn’t able to quickly restore service to end users, the damage would have been even worse.

As this example shows, even the largest companies are not impervious to network downtime. In fact, a recent study from the UK shows that half of businesses now experience regular performance issues, which means that network downtime is still an undeniable reality in 2014. 

So, why are so many businesses suffering from network downtime? The fact is that most companies lack solutions that can provide complete network visibility. While some network monitoring solutions provide a glimpse into the network, most leading solutions only skim the surface of the network and provide a base level understanding of why system downtime is occurring. These solutions can offer alerts, but most are incapable of showing why the downtime occurred.

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Here at PathSolutions, we believe that every IT manager needs to be able to have a detailed, real-time overview of network performance. And our TotalView network performance solution, named InfoWorld's 2014 Technology of the Year, provides IT managers with the network troubleshooting tool they need to take a deep dive into the health, performance and status of their infrastructure. The solution takes a holistic approach to network monitoring by identifying the root cause of an error, pinpointing its location and offering instructions in plain English on how to fix it.

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