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Network Visibility: How to Find and Resolve Network Issues Before Users Complain

Feb 29, 2024

Just because your network is "UP" doesn't mean it’s working well! Network issues can affect your business in a lot of different ways, so it’s important to know how to proactively identify network issues before your users complain.

Network VisibilityWhat you don’t know about your network can hurt you. Are you tired of users telling you about network problems that you have no idea what’s happening? Frustrated when your monitoring system says “Everything is fine” when your users are suffering from performance issues? This is the sad world that many NetOps folks live in. It’s all due to the fact that their monitoring system really doesn’t know what’s happening on the network – it’s just pinging devices and collecting some utilization graphs on a few interfaces around the network.

If you knew everything your network equipment knew, you could solve problems proactively.

How to identify hidden issues on YOUR network

Your network is incredibly intelligent. But can you access all the information it provides? A robust network troubleshooting solution will make meaningful use of device intelligence so you can understand what your network already knows.

  • Device intelligence - pull all the information your devices provide
  • Quickly identify problems - without manually logging into switches/routers
  • Even recommends how to fix errors – in plain English

Watch this 90-second video on what your network is trying to tell you.

Be proactive, not reactive, when troubleshooting your network

There's enough on your plate already with new projects and services to deploy. You don't need users complaining about mysterious network glitches and slowdowns.

Move out of reactive troubleshooting mode and live in a world where proactive resolution is your new mantra.

Get Total Visibility into your network:

  • Knowledge of everything your network infrastructure knows
  • Visibility into every device and every link on your network
  • Health Report to know what is working or broken, on all inventory

Watch this 90-second video on total network visibility.

Find & resolve network problems before users complain

You’re the expert on your network. You should know more about your network than anyone else in the company - before users complain about hiccups or glitches that affect their work.

Eliminate any blind spot by letting your network software automatically tell you what you’re missing.

  • Get notified of problems on your network before users complain
  • Visibility into 19 different error counters for every link, switch and router
  • Complete knowledge of your environment to solve network problems faster

Watch this 90-second video on how to be an expert.

Go beyond just finding the problem. Get to the root-cause so you can fix it!

Most troubleshooting tools merely confirm that you have a problem but leave analyzing its root-cause up to UC teams - a resource-constrained and time-consuming process.

Find out where the problem happened and why:

  • Analyze all corners of the network, including third party carriers
  • Identify the root-cause of problems - answers in plain English
  • Assess network readiness for performance

Watch this 60-second video on end-to-end troubleshooting.

Hey, let’s face it, sometimes it’s not even the network’s fault. Don't let the network get blamed for problems at work. Get the visibility you need to collect and analyze network information, so that you can validate the network, and maybe even prove that it's not the network’s fault.

Watch the Video Walkthrough

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