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Three Things to Look for in a Network Troubleshooting Solution

Aug 19, 2014

art-number-three-xlThe core network is one of the most critical parts of a company, as it is the main link between a business and its customers. Therefore, this network needs to be up and running at all times.  If it goes down, your customers will get the message that you’re not open for business; as a result, your direct competitors will get their patronage.

A network troubleshooting solution will ensure your customers have access to a speedy and efficient experience online by continuously monitoring your network for operational issues. Here are three things to look for when considering these troubleshooting solutions:

Broad Coverage: Most existing monitoring systems only scan for availability and usage of key devices and links. This does not help when trying to troubleshoot because it is an incomplete picture of the environment for which you are responsible.  This means you should be aware of problems that occur anywhere in the network, from the port where the shipping PC is connected, all the way to the core switch port where the VoIP gateway is connected.

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Deep Error Collection: The majority of monitoring solutions don’t collect error counters, or if they do, it’s only one or two.  As a result, to try and troubleshoot problems you have to manually log in to switches and routers and look at interfaces for error counters.  If you think about it, you’ve already paid for switches and routers that support this information – you ought to be able to benefit from this intelligence that is sitting there in your devices.

Intelligent alerts: Look for a solution that will give you automatic analysis of errors and produce a plain-English answer to detected problems.  This will speed resolution, and also permit anyone in the organization (even at the helpdesk level) to solve problems.  This means that the senior level techs won’t get sidetracked from their strategic problems on an issue that can now be resolved by a junior level tech.

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