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Use This Checklist Before Investing in a PoE Solution

Aug 26, 2014

a checklistPower over Ethernet (PoE) is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods used by businesses to power their networks.  This process, which involves delivering power to network devices over LAN cabling instead of through the AC power supply, can save your business money, and make it more environmentally friendly and reliable. It also makes deploying power a simple process.

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But without employing some basic precautions, using a large amount of PoE-connected devices could be a serious risk to your network. If left unchecked, PoE could drive up the cost of power, and could lead to costly network outages. So, as outlined in a PathSolutions white paper, here is a basic checklist that you should use before investing in PoE for your business:

Know your ports: It’s critical that you understand how many pre-standard PoE ports are on your network before getting started. You should also know their exact location, so that if one should fail you can repair it in as little time as possible. The last thing you want is for a critical network device to be down for an extended period of time, as this could mean the loss of important data.

Know your devices: It’s equally important to know the devices that are relying on PoE as it is to know the port where these devices connect. This will help with capacity planning as you add new devices to your network.

Understand your current and future power draw: If your power goes out, you need to know how much backup energy you have—and how long that energy will last. This could be the difference in keeping your network alive until power is restored.

Invest in a strong network troubleshooting solution: What is the best way to ensure a seamless transition onto PoE? Invest in a network troubleshooting solution that will provide total network visibility and real-time performance indication. Without this technology, your business could face serious power-related risks.

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Interested in Learning More? See our White Paper, PoE for Sucessful VoIP  Deployments

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