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Migrating to Skype for Business? Do This First

Jan 31, 2017

laptop and glassesThis should be an easy process, right?

It can be, if you take the proper precautions.

Introducing a phone system like Skype for Business is a bit like installing a new program onto your computer in that first, you have to make sure you have the available system resources. Otherwise, the operating experience will be sub-optimal.

Likewise, before you install a new VoIP system into your network you need to first make sure that your network is ready to receive it. A program like Skype for Business, for instance, may utilize different gateways, or devices, to connect to the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN), or it may use a hosted gateway, or SIP trunk. The traffic flows around the network will definitely change as a result.

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In addition, the codecs used for Skype for Business will interact with your network differently than your existing codecs.  Many users have had a very stable VoIP phone system, but when they switch to Skype for Business, they discover call quality issues and video choppiness.  With the different codecs employed by Skype for Business, they may not be as tolerant of packet loss, latency, jitter, or out-of-order reception as the previous VoIP codecs.

The thing to remember here is that networks are constantly changing. You may, for instance, asses your network, deem it fit to handle a VoIP migration and then run into unexpected issues once the new system is up and running. This can be very frustrating, and time consuming, as you manually scan for possible causes.

Pathsolutions TotalView solves this problem by taking a different approach to VoIP troubleshooting. TotalView — an end-to-end network troubleshooting solution — will scan your network constantly. In doing so, you will gain a real-time and historical perspective on how your network is functioning. PathSolutions will scan every device, and all layers of your network.

So again, a VoIP migration can be simple, with the help of a product like TotalView. Or, it can be very difficult.

Let's make it easy.

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