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Is Your Network Out of Control?

Oct 20, 2015

network ruinRecently, Wired Magazine ran a terrifying article about how two hackers—as part of a controlled experiment—were able to remotely “kill” a Jeep Cherokee while it was moving down the highway by hacking into its onboard computer system. The duo was able to cut the transmission of the Jeep, in effect rendering its accelerator useless.

What was the worst part of the experience for the driver? As he explained, it was the feeling of being completely out of control of the vehicle as traffic whirred by him—of hitting the gas pedal, for instance, and not getting the response that he expected when he needed it.

It’s a feeling not all that different than the one you get when your business network fails to perform as it should; in other words, when you can’t establish a clear VoIP connection before a big meeting, or when you suddenly lose connectivity to a main server and have no idea why.

When these situations arise, it’s your job to figure out the exact cause and location of the network error, so that you can prevent it from happening again. The vast majority of network professionals, however, are like the driver above—that is, without the necessary technology (like real-time network troubleshooting software) to quickly locate and fix whatever network errors are causing problems. As a result, network professionals are often at the mercy of their networks for several hours or days.

With a product like PathSolutions’ TotalView, however, it’s possible to gain the exact cause and location of each network error, as well as a plain English answer to help fix the problem. By using this software, issues can be solved in a matter of minutes.

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