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Experience The Power Of Real-Time Network Troubleshooting

Jul 21, 2015

broken down carImagine your car breaks down, and you have no idea why. Unfortunately, your mechanic can’t tell you either—meaning the engine will have to be dismantled piece by piece until the underlying cause is found. What should only take a few minutes to fix will ultimately turn into several days of work—and a much bigger price tag, too.

This is what network troubleshooting is like for the majority of IT professionals. Without the ability to peer deep into the network and use root-cause forensics, network professionals are literally left in the dark searching for critical system errors.

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Making matters even more complicated, many system errors disappear without a trace. In other words, a transient issue may arise during a VoIP call that causes packet jitter; but once the call ends, the IT department will not be able to locate the issue. As a result, several hours or days of work may take place without any sort of a resolution.

How then do you overcome this problem and prevent costly errors on your network? There is only one true way to get to the bottom of the problem, and that is by taking a root-cause approach to network troubleshooting.

Using a real-time network troubleshooting solution like TotalView from PathSolutions, your business can gain snapshots of your network in action, so you can spend virtually no time searching for the problem and all of your time fixing the problem. PathSolutions can take a 12-hour search and turn it into a 12-minute solution.

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