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Is Your Network An Asset, Or A Liability?

Nov 03, 2015

art-scale-asset-liability-xlAsk any Network or Telecom professional how he or she feels about outsourcing their company’s network operations to a managed services provider (MSP), and chances are more likely than not they will disagree with the practice.

Ask a member of the C-suite, however, and you’re likely to receive a different answer as a growing number of organizations are now embracing the practice of outsourcing to MSPs, in order to enhance network operations, protect their data and save money.

In fact, two-thirds of organizations surveyed in a recent study indicate they have used the services of an IT firm within the past year.

In other words, while network folks are usually quick to view onsite infrastructure as a company asset, an increasing number of executives are viewing it as a liability for reasons related to security concerns, performance issues and heavy operational expenditures.

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The problem for Network and Telecom administrators is that it’s hard to argue a case against outsourcing core network operations to an MSP when you can’t keep your network running flawlessly. A network, after all, needs to act like a kid who is up after his or her bedtime; that is, it needs to go unnoticed. The moment complaints start pouring in about poor network performance, is the moment words like outsourcing and MSP begin to get tossed around.

So if you’re concerned about keeping your network operations in house, it’s time to invest in a solution like TotalView from PathSolutions, for Total Network Visibility®. With the help of TotalView’s real-time network troubleshooting technology, you will be able to engage in proactive network maintenance by spotting issues before they lead to major network errors. And when unexpected problems do arise, you’ll be able to solve them quickly as TotalView will explain exactly where issues are arising on the network.

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