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Is Your IT Help Desk Suffering From A Poor FCR Rate?

May 25, 2015

art-helpdesk-button_ampPathSolutions recently headed to the Help Desk Institute (HDI) Conference with a core goal of helping enterprises discover a new approach to achieving first call resolution (FCR).

After all, it is incredibly important to have a strong FCR metric if you wish to have a successful IT help desk.

For instance, if an end user from an office branch in San Francisco contacts IT with a complaint that he or she can’t connect to the network, the help desk agent needs to solve this problem efficiently the first time around. That’s because if the problem escalates and an IT ticket is needed, it will cost more money for the IT department to rectify the problem. It could also mean more time that an end user is without a computer or network connection; and many times, it takes IT teams several days to respond to escalated ticket requests at the large enterprise level.

The challenge that all help desks face, however, is that performing network troubleshooting over the phone without a network troubleshooting solution is no easy task. Additionally, usage of most network troubleshooting solutions require a skillset that is beyond the helpdesk level while also involving expert-level interpretation to reach a resolution.

To learn more, download our white paper: The Four Stages of Network Troubleshooting

PathSolutions solves this problem by allowing enterprise IT departments to see exactly what is happening over their remote networks, a concept well received at HDI 2015.

At its booth, the PathSolutions team demonstrated how its TotalView 6 solution is easy-to-use while capable of providing an in-depth look at how each remote network is performing in real-time. Moreover, since the solution offers automated plain-English resolutions as to how to fix network errors, it prevents IT departments from having to escalate network troubleshooting issues to higher level employees. This in turn saves time, and allows IT workers to focus their time carrying out higher level objectives across the enterprise.

Want to learn more about how PathSolutions can help streamline tasks and improve your help desk’s FCR rate? Click here.

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