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Customer Service and a Strong Network Go Hand in Hand

Nov 19, 2014

butterfly effectIn nature, there is a phenomenon called the butterfly effect which describes how a minute change in a complex entity can have a profound effect on its larger ecosystem. And the business ecosystem is no different from nature in this regard. If a network that is supporting many businesses fails and experiences prolonged downtime, a multitude of services will be affected. And this could have disastrous consequences.

Consider, for instance, a mission-critical research facility that is supported by multiple organizations, each with vested interest in the studies taking place there. In such an environment, the need for uptime goes beyond basic customer service. It is a necessity. Network downtime could result in millions of lost dollars and ruined research. Even worse, businesses will be less apt to trust an organization that proves itself unreliable in a mission-critical situation. There aren’t many chances to regain the trust of a business partner when something goes wrong in your network and it crashes.

Whether your business is mission-critical or not, your customers depend heavily on your network to operate. But without the right root-cause troubleshooting technology, trying to maintain uptime is just about impossible. Networks are too complex to maintain with a traditional guess-and-check strategy. Advanced software is needed that can scan a network in real time, search for the root cause of an issue and report its exact location.

If you are looking into root-cause troubleshooting software, make sure you invest in a solution that can provide comprehensive and holistic support. The stronger you make your network, the more reliable you will be for your customers. It’s one of the best investments you will make.

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