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PathSolutions Network Performance Manager is a Best of Interop 2013 Finalist

Apr 22, 2013

PathSolutions CTO, Tim Titus, on Being a Best of Interop 2013 Finalist

InterOpFinalist 2013As you probably already know, I was at the ACUTA Conference and Exhibition last week in San Diego. While there, I was honored to find out that Network Performance Manager (our network performance management solution) was selected as a finalist for the Best of Interop 2013 awards.

Readers of this blog know that we write about “all things related to network performance management,” particularly what you (network engineers) can do to achieve stable, high performing VoIP, video, and data networks. This was never an easy job and today, due to the proliferation of digital devices and the fact that we all work in a digital world, it could be said that the network is the most critical component of your business infrastructure.

I use the word “business” because if the network is not performing, neither is your business. This is why Network Performance Manager provides:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Health collected every 5 minutes on every interface.
  • Broad Coverage: Monitors every interface on every device in the network for performance.
  • Deep Analysis: 18 error counters collected and analyzed on every interface.
  • Intelligent Reporting: Identifies & diagnoses the root cause of network problems in plain-English.

It also happens to be what we like to call IT Friendly—packed with features like a fully integrated port mapper, PoE monitoring, VoIP troubleshooting, and more.

I like to say that Network Performance Manager is designed to do the heavy performance lifting because it acts like an extra senior-level network engineer on your IT staff.  It is intelligent: collecting all the relevant performance information, analyzing it, diagnosing the problem, and then, recommending a fix. But unlike the engineer, Network Performance Manager is fully automated—no personal interaction is required to perform these steps so the amount of time spent troubleshooting (time-to-answer) is significantly reduced.

To learn more, download our white paper:  Identify and Resolve the Root-Cause of Network Problems

As a networking geek familiar with the ever growing complexity of the network infrastructure, I wanted to develop a network troubleshooting solution that DID NOT need a lot of care, feeding, and support. That way, getting to and maintaining a healthy network is always achievable. Ask any network engineer what their biggest challenge is and they will tell you that there’s never enough time. Ask any network manager what their biggest challenge is and they will tell you that their budget constrains the number of resources (and time) they can apply to address a given problem. In contrast, our solution is built to automatically extract the information necessary to troubleshoot and maintain a healthy network.

Earlier this year, we were honored to be selected as a provider for Interop’s 2013 InteropNet. We are equally honored to be a finalist for the Best of Interop 2013 and extend our congratulations to all the finalists. If you are going to Interop Las Vegas, please stop by and visit us at booth #743. We’d like to know what performance management issues your struggling with and show you how we can help.

Later this month I will be blogging about what it’s like, as a selected provider, to get InteropNet up and running so stay tuned!

Watch the Video Walkthrough

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