Flexible Managed Service Provider Programs that Meet All Your Needs

All networks run into problems. For VoIP networks, it may be the quality of calls. For data networks, it may be performance slowdowns and bottlenecks. In either case, our programs are designed to offer you flexible ways to support your customers:

  • TechExpert. This program is designed with your operations teams in mind. With it, you can improve efficiency and reduce the costs of the services that you offer your customers like network assessments and break-fix troubleshooting.
  • Resell Value. Your customers look to you for guidance so why not recommend a network root-cause troubleshooting solution that addresses all their performance headaches?

TechExpert—A Cost Effective Way to Perform Network Assessments and Break-fix Troubleshooting

Your customers look to you for guidance when setting up their networks and assistance when their existing networks are underperforming. In either case, quickly and easily identifying networks issues and understanding how to fix them is a top priority. Our TechExpert program was designed with this in mind:

  • It offers a flexible license for your technical services team.
  • It can be used for any customer, for any duration.
  • It offers low monthly fees for a one year term.

Network Assessments that Determine Your Customer’s VoIP or Network Readiness

Find out whether your customer’s network is ready before you engage in a pilot deployment. Our VoIP and network root-cause troubleshooting solutions offer the most in-depth network assessment of any tool on the market:

  • All-points to all-points assessment. Understand the problems and faults throughout your customer’s entire infrastructure.
  • Unlimited license call simulation (VoIP Performance Manger). Test to any location on the network anytime without restriction.
  • Rapid deployment. The solution can be fully deployed on your customers’ networks in under 12 minutes.
Benefit VoIP
Save time and money as customer deployments take minutes (less than 12) rather than days or even weeks to deploy.
Free up your technical resources as you solve network issues proactively, in minutes rather than hours or days.
Successful pilots ensured with all-points to all-points assessments, including 3rd party carriers, with no remote agents or additional hardware deployed.
Additional revenue opportunities as new required infrastructure components are identified.

  • Up-sell engineering services. Once network issues have been discovered, your operations team can dive in and immediately fix the problems.
  • Up-sell hardware. TotalView’s auto-generated inventory will show hubs, out-dated switches, and end-of-life routers that need to be replaced.
  • Up-sell health. Many of our partners end up selling a copy of the solution to their customers so that they can maintain better control of their VoIP and network environments.

Rapid Break-Fix Troubleshooting So that Your Customers Remain Satisfied

When your customer reports a VoIP or network problem, they want it fixed immediately—after all, their business depends on it. So instead of allocating lots of technical resources and logging many hours searching for what is often described as a needle in a haystack while your customer becomes frustrated, be a “hero” and use TotalView to find and diagnose problems in under an hour.

Benefit VoIP
Fast, automated deployment—no technical resources needed—and troubleshooting that begins within 12 minutes.
Higher customer satisfaction because problems are resolved swiftly (usually within an hour).
Delivers Total VoIP and Network Visibility so that root-cause problems are resolved anywhere in the infrastructure.
Plain-English problem resolution recommendations means that network engineers at any level can resolve problems.

Delivering Added Value to Your Customers

Offer your customers complimentary solutions and become a convenient and reliable best-of-breed solution provider. After all, your customers expect you to recommend industry-leading and reasonably priced solutions to their problems. While your customers realize all the benefits of TotalView, you realize attractive margins.

Benefit VoIP
Generous margins for selling our solutions to your customers
Marketing materials and WebEx demos to support sales efforts.
Training, Network Prescription Engine, and support calls to help technical teams.
Partner Portal that provides access to all marketing, sales tools, training materials, product information and much more.

Ensuring that All Your Customers Have Stable, High Performing Networks

Your customers expect you to deliver a stable, high performing network 24/7, 365 days per year. Make sure that you live up to that expectation with our VoIP and network root-cause troubleshooting solutions. We can help you save time and resources setting up networks or troubleshooting, maximizing your profit.

Benefit VoIP
Generous margins and flexible program where customers and licenses can be aggregated for easy allocation and deployment or for selling our solutions to your customers.
Integration capabilities with all major ticketing systems.
Centralized alerting via our MSP Portal.