SwitchMonitor v3.2 Update

SwitchMonitor v3.3 Update (R3709) is now available

New Features in this update:

  • IP Addresses are displayed for each interface
  • Cisco CPU utilization monitored for Cisco IOS based devices
  • Cisco RAM utilization monitored for Cisco IOS based devices
  • Current utilization window updated to poll every 2.5 seconds and use AJAX technology
  • HSRP status monitored on interfaces
  • Downloadable spreadsheet on Tools tab now includes routing tables on routers
  • main tabs re-organized for a cleaner interface

New Features for SwitchMonitor VoIP in this update:

  • Phones tab now displays Polycom and other VoIP enabled devices
  • Call Path tab permits analysis of all links along a call path between two IP addresses
  • Latency, Jitter, Loss, and MOS graph is displayed for communications to each monitored device
  • NAT check tool permits checking for NAT between any computer and the server to help fix one-way voice problems

Bug fixes in this update:

  • Potential crash problem in email routine resolved


If you have purchased license keys for SwitchMonitor, you will be notified of updates via email.