Network Monitor v4.1

NetworkMonitor v4.2 Update (R5265) is now available

Customers with current support contracts should contact for the update.

New Features for Network Monitor

  • Port Mapping: Instantly know exactly what's connected to each interface on a device
  • WAN Usage Report: Easly track all WAN interfaces from a single report
  • Dynamic Network Map UI Improvements: Graphics updated to more clearly identify links that are down/offline
  • System-wide Error Type Ignore: Ability to ignore specific error types on all devices/interfaces
  • VLAN Tracking: Added polling of PVID and VLAN information for each device interface

New Features for VoIP Monitor

  • Multi-Hop Call Simulator: Validate call quality to each router hop in a call
  • Call simulator UI Improvements: Now includes color scaling for easier graph interpretation
  • Static Routes for Call Path Maps: Call Path mapping now includes static route configuration file for mapping through unmanaged routers & switches like third-party VPN tunnels and MPLS clouds
  • Network Assessment Report UI Improvements: Downloadable Network Assessment report includes links for each subsection

Bug fixes in this update:

  • Better default route handling in Call Path mapping
  • Proper handling of Cisco Nexus switch interfaces
  • XML spreadsheet downloads fixed to properly parse symbols
  • Additional SNMP packet size optimizations to further reduce network footprint
  • Improvements for large network monitoring
    • Maximum ARP entries for a device is now 10,000
    • Maximum VLAN entries for a single device is now 500
  • Improved polling engine utilizes more SNMPv2c performance optimization features