PathSolutions Announces Natural Language Troubleshooting for Enterprise Networks

  • Enables faster resolution of network problems using simple plain-English phrases to find root-causes of network faults.
  • Eliminates the complex process of typing commands into a NOC workstation – simply speak to your Amazon Echo.

June 26, 2017, SANTA CLARA, California—Today, PathSolutions announced that Natural Language Troubleshooting will be available in their TotalView v8 NLT release, available in September 2017.  With this release, users can ask TotalView plain-English queries to identify and diagnose the root-causes of network problems.

“Senior-level engineers no longer have to deal with troubleshooting tickets – they can be relegated to the helpdesk or telecom teams so problems get solved quicker by the individuals responsible in their particular areas,” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions.

For example, a sample query might be: “What happened in the New York network twenty minutes ago?” and the system would identify anomalies that occurred in that network at that timeframe.  Other queries such as diagnosing problems between points would also be supported: “What happened between San Francisco and Atlanta at 2:35pm?”  A path-diagnostic would then investigate the network between the two locations, and analyze the performance of each element along the path at that time.  It then analyzes the data to derive the root-cause of the problem and provide a plain-English response.

Additionally, the NLT release will include Amazon Echo integration that enables voice interactions.  For example, you could say: “Alexa, ask TotalView what just happened in the Atlanta network?” and it will respond with “The Atlanta2 switch trunk port changed status to down.”

“The ability to use natural English questions means that nearly anyone can use TotalView to find out where their network weak-points are.  With a simple English question, TotalView can dig into the vast amount of network operation and performance data it collects, and use its Network Prescription Engine analytics to find problems and report them back in plain-English.” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions.

TotalView 8 NLT will be available this September as a free upgrade to customers who have purchased and are current on support.

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About PathSolutions
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