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What makes PathSolutions TotalView different than other network monitoring systems?

Nov 15, 2023

It’s all in the name - TotalView!


Most monitoring solutions don’t tell you enough about your network so you can be ahead of issues – It’s hard to know what’s going on with your entire network with enough depth of understanding to solve problems. TotalView automatically collects information on your entire infrastructure (all ports on all switches, routers, firewalls, and servers). AND It also goes deep (performance, 19 error counters, configuration) to gain insights that other monitoring solutions may not have. AND It’s smart: The heuristics engine analyzes all of this information to produce plain-English answers of what’s broken on your network.

Watch a 3-minute video on how TotalView software can tell you WHEN the network performance event occurred, WHERE it happened and WHY it happened.

Here are the top 3 things that make PathSolutions TotalView different:

Let’s dive into how these key differences can make your job easier

  • Rapid Deployment
    Up and running in under 12 minutes

  • Rapid Configuration
    Automatically reconfigures itself in response to changes in your network. Adding new devices takes just a few minutes.

  • Total Network Visibility
    • Knowledge of everything your network infrastructure
    • Visibility into every device and every link on your network
    • Every device on your network and every interface on every device is automatically analyzed for performance, errors, QoS, and configuration.
    • Device intelligence - pull all the information your devices provide
    • Ability to analyze all corners of the network, including third party carriers
  • Security Awareness
    • Threat and vulnerability management, incident response & security operations automation
    • SOAR solution that monitors the security footprint of your entire network and connected devices
    • Attack Surface Management (ASM)
    • Network Detection and Response (NDR)
    • Nightly security report to know what is working or broken, on all inventory
  • Find & Diagnose Problems in Minutes, Not Hours
    • Automated troubleshooting: Stop spending hours, or even worse, days trying to find and diagnose network problems. You can save time and resources by getting plain English answers to where & why problems are occurring on your network. Even for intermittent problems.
    • Natural Language Troubleshooting (NLT): TotalView is the only product that includes the ability to enter a simple English question and the system will answer it.
    • Notifications of problems on your network before users complain
    • Easily find where and why problems are occurring on your network
    • Quickly identify problems - without manually logging into switches/routers
    • Diagnose the root-cause of problems - even transient problems
    • Visibility into 19 different error counters for every link, switch and router
    • Get answers in plain English, no need to randomly search solutions
    • Recommendations on how to fix the errors – in plain English!
    • Historical tracking of information over time helps to troubleshoot intermittent problems

Business benefits that others can’t offer:

  • Proactive troubleshooting: If you knew what your equipment knew, you could solve problems before users complain
  • Troubleshooting lower in the organization: If every networking problem requires escalation to the senior network engineer for resolution, that’s far too many tickets for the senior engineer (they should be focused on strategic initiatives).
    • Users are happier: They can get their networking problems solved with first-call resolution because Helpdesk has more information of what’s happening on the network.
    • Helpdesk is happier: More tickets can be closed by the helpdesk because they have plain-English answers of what the network is doing.
    • Management is happier: Problems solved lower in the organization at a lower cost.
    • Network engineering is happier: Fewer tickets means they can focus on strategic-level initiatives (and I’ve never met a senior network engineer who loves to do tickets)

You’re responsible for the entire infrastructure. You should have visibility to match.

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