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Upgrading Your Network? Why Bother?

Feb 03, 2016

photo server-downChances are likely that you’ll be investing heavily in your network in 2016, as you update and add new devices. Some of your equipment may be reaching its end of life stage, your network may be growing or you may have extra budgetary allowance.

A recent study from Spiceworks, indicates that while global IT spending is expected to remain flat next year, the average company will still spend about $293,000 on IT hardware, software and services.

Here’s our take on the matter when it comes to IT spending:There’s little point in buying fancier switches, more servers and more storage space if you’re not going to back it up with critical performance monitoring technology. You’ll simply be increasing costs, complexities and risks while doing little to ensure the operational efficiency of your enterprise. In fact, some organizations might be better off outsourcing to a managed services provider to have needs met, as you’ll at least be guaranteed a network that performs according to agreed upon SLAs.

To learn more, download our white paper: The Four Stages of Network Troubleshooting

Other organizations would rather keep your network in-house, so that you can maintain control over your operations. And with the help of TotalView’s root-cause troubleshooting solution, you can confidently upgrade your network while ensuring that you have all of the visibility that you need to ensure its safety and security.

TotalView provides around-the-clock network maintenance by continually analyzing your entire network in real time. Using TotalView, you can gain unparalleled insight into your network so that you can engage in proactive network maintenance, thus preventing problems before they affect your users.

What’s more, if unexpected problems do arise, due to malfunctions or human errors, TotalView will inform you about their root cause, and provide a plain English solution instructing you how to fix them.

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