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TotalView v11: Major SecOps Optimization & Security Awareness Features

Feb 24, 2020

Screenshot046_security_1Our company was founded over a decade ago to automate network intelligence, and we have some exciting news to share about automating security intelligence with the nine new information security features, first announced at the RSA Conference 2020. Our journey has had us master the network and root-cause troubleshoot problems for large and small networks, both for enterprises as well as MSPs.

We also discovered that our root-cause troubleshooting capability was invaluable for solving problems that plague VoIP, UC, and video, and we dominated this market, solving problems for telecom and network teams as well as Telco providers, MSPs, and phone system manufacturers.

As our dataset continues to grow far larger than any other network management product, and our analytics keep improving, it means we know more and more about network conditions that need to be resolved.

With our latest release TotalView v11, we have added many new features, including:

  • MIB Browser
  • Completely re-designed UI
  • HTTPS/TLS1.2 support
  • Active directory integration

screenshot-tv11-risk-dashboardAt the same time, we are announcing TotalView Security Operations Manager. This is a new module that can be added on top of our core collection engine that will solve many problems for CISOs and Security Analysts by applying our automation and analysis to their domain:

  • SIEM event research/resolution optimization
  • Geographic risk awareness
  • Security footprint reporting
  • Exposure reporting
  • Rogue IT device detection
  • New device detection
  • Suspicious communications alerting

These capabilities will dramatically save the Security Analyst a significant amount of research time on the enrichment and disposition of SIEM generated alerts, as well as shed light on where data is going and what exposures exist as a result of poor practices or policy violations.

Having all of this capability built into one solution will speed understanding and awareness of the enterprise’s security environment and footprint. Since it provides broad coverage, it will also reduce the number of tools needed, the cost of deploying and maintaining those tools, and all the associated training costs.

Security experts have long wanted more visibility into their environment. TotalView v11 with Security Operations Manager answers the need.

Learn more about TV11 in the press release and review the new features.

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