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Taking Total Network Visibility Off the Road and Onto Your Digital Devices

May 20, 2013

No traveling required—just playback our webinar recording!

PathSolutions Coquitlam WebinarAs you may know from a previous post, I am often on the road traveling to various user’s groups and conferences to talk about Total Network Visibility (two weeks ago we were at InteropNet and last week we were at Interactions 2013). I am sure that all of you have experienced slow networks where web pages take forever to download, applications time out, and VoIP calls become garbled (the “can you hear me now” syndrome).

Our mission at PathSolutions is to take the slow out of the network by pinpointing potential network issues before they become network problems. That way your network is always stable and you (I am talking to the IT network guys here) spend far less time troubleshooting because your network is always performing optimally.

One of the things I am most often asked about is what causes a network to slow down.  There are many elements that can contribute to this and most are easily fixable—you just have to know what to look for. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stress we put on our networks as our infrastructures are expected to support more devices than ever before. So while most problems are easily addressed, the issue comes down to being able to identify the root cause of a problem quickly.  Sounds easy but most network engineers will tell you that they spend the majority of their time searching for the problem, and only a few minutes remedying the problem. That’s why we are sponsoring a number of webinars over the coming months to talk about total network visibility and the challenges different industries face as they try to maintain stable networks.

To learn more, download our white paper: The Four Stages of Network Troubleshooting

On April 24 we took a look at municipal network infrastructures. For them the challenge is twofold: ensuring that day-to-day operations are running smoothly while emergencies are responded to swiftly. The City of Coquitlam is a Canadian municipality that recently installed and deployed our solution. In this webinar, Rafael Swieczyk, a senior network analyst at Coquitlam, talked about some of the challenges Coquitlam faced supporting their network infrastructure while meeting strict environmental mandates.

One of Coquitlam’s primary reasons for looking at network performance management solutions was the significant amount of time their network analysts spent just troubleshooting network problems. During the webinar, Raf talked about the amount of time the network team would spend looking at switches, manually looking for errors. As a result, the team did not spend much time dealing directly with their customers. Once Coquitlam installed our solution, they resolved network problems—some they were aware of and some not—much faster. As a result, their customer service levels increased dramatically.

It’s clear that no matter the industry, the “lost” time spent troubleshooting is a significant issue. Our goal is to help you buy back that time with continuous, automated performance monitoring (along with a number of other features that have been mentioned in previous posts and we will continue to talk about on this blog). So, like Coquitlam, you have more time to be proactive and support your customers when they encounter network problems.

Whether you are working for a municipality or in another industry, I believe that you will find this webinar to be informative. Best of all, it’s free. To replay any of our webinars, go here. And if you have any questions please contact us—we’ll be happy to help.

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