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Total Network Security™

Jun 10, 2019

Screenshot046_security_1As network engineers, we occasionally empty our favorite adult beverage and discuss "what’s missing in the world of networking". Sometimes we come up with some truly crazy ideas like the ability to detect laptop/desktop fan speeds and use that information throughout an office to better manage the HVAC system.

Then we come across completely new analytics that solves some major problems that customers have:

  • Apply policy rules to NetFlow records to determine what is acceptable versus not in an environment and generate alerts for policy violations so you can be aware of inappropriate communications.
  • For any flows that communicate with external IP addresses, determine the location, ISP, and security risks of that destination IP address so it can be easily determined if there is a risk with the communications.
  • Automatically determine the OS security vulnerabilities of all network devices based on NIST’s NVD data.
  • Track all IoT devices in the infrastructure to know both where they are and what they are.

That's what we've built into TotalView 10.

The intent is to automate the collection and analysis of network security information to provide insights into what is happening. We call this: Total Network Security

With one simple installation, you get all of the information analyzed so you can learn about and solve problems immediately.

Learn more about this release and all new features here: TotalView 10 Features.

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