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The Top Myths About VoIP Call Quality Part One: You Can Trust a Standard Network Assessment Report

Jun 14, 2016

Top Myths About VoIP Call QualityOver the past few months, we’ve spoken with countless customers about VoIP troubleshooting at industry trade shows like Interop Las Vegas and IAUG 2016. What we’ve found is that there are still quite a lot of myths floating around about VoIP call quality. So, in this series we’re going to debunk some of the biggest myths to set the facts straight.

Let’s start with the first VoIP call quality myth, which is that running a network assessment report prior to a VoIP deployment will provide enough information to ensure your network is healthy and capable of handling VoIP traffic.

To some extent, network assessments can let you know if your network is healthy. Unfortunately, that’s all this tool will give you—an indication of how your network performed at a single point in time. That’s it.

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In a sense, using this type of tool is like going to the highway at 5 a.m., taking a picture of it, and using that photograph six hours later to prove there is no traffic jam currently. If, however, you were to set up a video camera with real-time streaming footage, you would be able to make a case. This is the approach you need to take with your network.

Networks, like highways, are constantly changing. Configurations may shift. New applications may be added. Different traffic patterns will emerge. As network conditions fluctuate, you need to stay on top of them to understand how they will impact VoIP call quality.

The trick is to make network assessment a continuous process. You should be assessing your network—recording network performance data—24/7.

As far as we know, our TotalView VoIP root-cause troubleshooting software is the only software that can provide this level of insight across all areas of the network—right down to the QoS queue. TotalView will constantly scan your network, providing you with actionable real-time and historical data that you can use to ensure VoIP call quality.

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