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It’s Time to Take Command of Your Network

Mar 15, 2016

network maintenance

Unfortunately, your network is currently suffering from a lot of issues, which is creating an enormous amount of work.

On top of this, your business is becoming increasingly reliant on its network, as it acquires more devices and uses more data. As a result, your workload is increasing and your desire to implement forward-thinking strategies keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

What can you do?

After all, you don’t have the budget to hire more staff to keep up with maintenance needs. And even if you did have the budgetary allowance to do so, it wouldn’t matter all that much. There are simply too many devices and ports to monitor on a daily basis. Network maintenance is a never ending job!

You do, however, have the budgetary allowance to supplement your existing staff with powerful, real-time network troubleshooting technology.

To learn more, download our white paper: The Four Stages of Network Troubleshooting

PathSolutions’ TotalView software can give your network team superpowers. It will scan your network in real-time, offering around-the-clock feedback about the health and condition of every connection. PathSolutions is so easy to use, in fact—as it provides the exact location of an error along with simple troubleshooting instructions— that you can leave the job of responding to trouble tickets up to your entry-level workers or even interns.

Best of all it will enable you to spend more time implementing the cutting-edge solutions that you have been dreaming about for years.

Just think about what a fully-optimized network will lead to:

  • Increased performance: The first thing you will notice when using PathSolutions is that your network performance will turn around, almost instantaneously. VoIP call clarity will improve. Downtime will be reduced. Network speeds will increase. Your business will, in turn, work much more efficiently.
  • Cost savings: The health reports you see on individual network devices will provide the insight you need to make strategic cost-related decisions. This goes beyond knowing when it’s time to replace parts. You’ll gain comprehensive performance data throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, which you can use to asses when negotiating with vendors.
  • Confidence and respect: As a network administrator, all eyes are on you to ensure optimal network efficiency. Since everyone in your organization relies on the network to do their jobs, they will notice that the network is running smoothly. This will reflect great on you, and all of the workers in your department. PathSolutions will make your team look like rock stars.

With these points in mind, it’s time to stop existing at the mercy of your network and take back control. Click here to learn more about how PathSolutions can transform your data center today.


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