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This ‘Secret Weapon’ Can Make Your Network Woes Disappear

Jan 13, 2015

top secret  stampAs a CIO, do you often feel like you fell asleep in a simple data center environment and wake up in a strange new world full of frightening and complicated network challenges? 

That’s because networks have changed dramatically over the past few years; new technologies like cloud and mobile infrastructure have been introduced into the space—and involve threats to security and challenges to systems management across the board, creating a whirlwind of factors for IT professionals to control. 

Your job depends heavily on being able to navigate these sea changes to create a stable network for your business. The decisions you make on a daily basis will have a direct impact on whether your company sinks or swims in this new era of information technology. Right now, however, you are handcuffed when making critical network decisions due to a lack of visibility into your core infrastructure. As a result, your customers often discover network issues like latency and downtime before your team does. This is embarrassing and costly.

What your team needs is a “secret weapon” that will provide unrestricted insight into how your network is performing in real time, so that you can always stay one step ahead of your customers and make important changes before the public picks up on any performance-related issues.

TotalView 5 from PathSolutions is a root-cause troubleshooting tool that your team can use to achieve a deeper and more comprehensive view of your data center. TotalView 5 uses ultra-lightweight coding which is capable of scanning a network and reporting the exact location—and cause—of an error, as well as providing simple language on how to fix it. Armed with this advanced knowledge, your team has a leg up on data center difficulties and a greater ability to meet those challenges with ease.

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