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These Network Issues Will Be Top Of Mind For Network Admins In 2016

Feb 09, 2016

mind gears brainAre you struggling to prioritize your network’s needs heading into next year? If so, you may want to check out TPR’s latest study, which highlights the top IT priorities that businesses will be focusing on in 2016.

As the study indicates, businesses will primarily be focusing on improving network efficiency and business processes (43 percent) and increasing productivity through technology (42 percent).

If your business is looking to improve these two categories, PathSolutions’ TotalView network troubleshooting software is a one-stop-shop that you can turn to for help.

Here’s how TotalView can benefit your network across these areas:

In regard to improving efficiencies, TotalView offers around-the-clock network monitoring, for real-time reporting. You can use TotalView to identify the exact location, as well as the status and health, of every device on your network. Armed with this information, you can discover and eliminate inefficiencies before they lead to problems in your network—thus ensuring optimal system performance at all times.

It’s also the ideal technology for enhancing productivity, as TotalView streamlines network maintenance, thus enabling your overworked IT staff to focus on taking on more pressing responsibilities. You can let TotalView handle the grunt work as it identifies and addresses problems that typically require hours or days to fix, and allows IT to locate and repair them within minutes.

Even after your IT team heads home at night or on the weekend, TotalView will continue to constantly scan your network for problems which can lead to downtime and other efficiency issues.

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