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Interop 2015: PathSolutions’ Customers in the Spotlight

Jun 17, 2015

spotlightFor this year’s theater sessions at Interop, May 2 to 6 in Las Vegas, we decided to put some of our customers into the spotlight so they could detail their experiences using PathSolutions’ network troubleshooting software TotalView 6.

To help lead this initiative, we turned to Brian Chee, a trusted PathSolutions advocate and InteropNet NOC member. Chee is also a senior contributing editor for InfoWorld Network Product Review and founder/manager of the Advanced Network Computing Laboratory at the University of Hawaii’s School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology. In addition to his own daily speaking sessions, Chee conducted a series of exciting and informative interviews for us during the week-long event.

Following Interop, we were able to steal a few minutes with Chee to recap some of the main benefits that customers are getting from TotalView 6. As Chee explained, TotalView is helping customers do the following:

Stretch resources: One of the customers Chee interviewed was Joe Price, director of IT at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. As Chee explained, TotalView acts like an extra set of hands for Price, who is essentially a “one man shop” in charge of overseeing the network of a large museum with more than 25,000 works of art. TotalView helps Price prioritize his network needs and allows him to stretch his limited resources by constantly scanning his network in order to help find and eliminate errors. PathSolutions does the job of what would otherwise require the constant vigilance of an IT team.

Streamline troubleshooting: Chee also spoke with Steve Winter, IT director at Apttus—a provider of Software as a Service (Saas) applications for the Salesforce 1 Platform. Apptus is using PathSolutions to speed troubleshooting for its own internal network, and to troubleshoot problems in the cloud for its hosted solution. PathSolutions has played a big role not only in helping Apttus map out its legacy infrastructure, but also as a diagnostic tool that makes it easy to understand usage and performance issues thanks to features such as the Dynamic Map's green light system and the daily top 10 summaries.

To learn more, download our white paper:  Identify and Resolve the Root-Cause of Network Problems

Gain perspective: Special Projects and Escalation Manager at Packet Fusion Brian Miller, the leading U.S. ShoreTel reseller, is using TotalView to maintain high-quality VoIP and network experiences for his customers. Using PathSolutions, Miller can monitor his international network right from his home office. PathSolutions provides the historical perspective that he needs to resolve service tickets after many hours have elapsed. For example, if he receives a service ticket six hours after it is submitted, he can pull up a snapshot of what was occurring on the network at the time the problem happened. This eliminates guesswork and allows him to resolve network issues faster.

As for the benefits that Chee and his team of researchers are gaining from PathSolutions? Well, his use case is a bit more complicated. Coming soon: An update on Station ALOHA!

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