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Ensure Contact Center Uptime with Total VoIP Visibility

Nov 05, 2014

art of call centerWhen a contact center provider outsources its communications to an independent third-party provider, they do it trusting that the provider’s network will be flawless. In the highly competitive customer service industry, there is just no room for downtime. Downtime means missed calls, which equates to lost business—and a bad reputation with customers.

InfoCision is one contact center provider that has a lot of pressure to maintain a stable core network. The company provides solutions for 35 call centers in 13 locations across Ohio, West Virginia, Canada and Pennsylvania. So to protect and maintain this network, the company turned to PathSolutions—a provider of Total VoIP Visibility, whose root-cause troubleshooting software helps ensure first class performance and high quality results.

To learn more, download our white paper:  The Root-Cause of VoIP Call Quality Problems

“It became clear to us that automatically monitoring the performance of our VoIP network would help us meet our responsibilities,” explains InfoCision Network Analyst Kevin Nastase in a PathSolutions white paper. “We turned to our call center automation provider, Interactive Intelligence, for assistance and they recommended PathSolutions. We then worked with PathSolutions to install and deploy its VoIP performance management solution.”

Using PathSolutions’s TotalView, which was installed and deployed in just a few minutes, InfoCision now protects its core VoIP network with continuous monitoring as well as lightning-fast issue identification and resolution. The company also has more free time to devote to other business-driving projects and now has more resources to put into network optimization.

The InfoCision case is a great example of how contact centers of all sizes can benefit from gaining more insight into network performance. Click here to read the white paper and learn more about the results that emerged following the company’s TotalView installation.

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