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Don’t Turtle Your Network—Stay on Your Feet with Total Network Visibility

Mar 29, 2014

art-dont-turtle_1200wHere at PathSolutions, we’ve been warning our customers about the silent threat of “turtling” their networks. We are plastering the message all over Interop, too. But what exactly does this warning mean, and what does it have to do with your business?

To get a better picture, stop and think about the real tragedy of what happens when a turtle winds up rocking back and forth on its shell. The problem is that the turtle thinks that everything is okay, but has no idea that its demise is imminent. It just thinks, “If I can correct this situation, everything will be fine!”

Unfortunately, these days most network folks are a lot more like the turtle than they realize as they live in a world where, just like a turtle on its back, they think their network is functioning properly. In reality, their network is actually rife with problems and there are a lot of unhappy users. But they can’t see the imminent crash that awaits them.

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The problem is that IT executives and engineers are held responsible for the entire network infrastructure, yet they don’t know what that infrastructure is doing with enough breadth and depth to do the job. That leads to failure and questions about why calls are lost, and fears about it happening again.

To gain real-time insight you really need to see all of the error counters on every port and switch within the complete infrastructure, at any point in time. Without the right network troubleshooting tools to do the job it’s just not fair to be held accountable when the network goes belly-up.

And remember: Don’t just invest in any old network monitoring solution. Doing so would be like investing in a car with a dashboard that just says “we have a problem” instead of pointing you to exact oil, gas or battery measurements. Make sure your network monitoring solution is capable of providing an actual root-cause description of your network’s health and performance and not just one or two indicators that something is wrong.

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