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Digital Network Magnet Sets For Everyone!

Dec 03, 2014

network diagram magnets by PathSolutionsWhen is the last time you heard the words “network troubleshooting” and “fun” used together in the same sentence? Just about anyone who spends the majority of their time tinkering with a network trying to find the root cause of an issue can testify that it’s not a fun process when you don’t know where to look. In fact, it’s time-consuming, frustrating and difficult.

But here at PathSolutions, our software can help you identify the exact cause and location of an error—making your troubleshooting much more enjoyable—dare we say, “fun”? Our Total Network Visibility solution is designed to scan your network and report back to you about critical problems in real time, so you can get back to taking care of other important tasks.


Now, we’re making it even easier—and more fun—to visualize your network with our new Visio network “magnet” set. A virtual spinoff of our recent network magnet set (for use on whiteboards and other magnetic surfaces), this simple tool allows you to illustrate network problems and identify areas of improvement right on your computer screen. It helps you gain a working image of how your critical infrastructure is put together.

When combined with our solutions, the digital network magnet set can help you see your network like you never have before. And the better you understand your network, the easier time you will have of overcoming errors and facilitating a smooth experience for all your users.

Click here to download a Visio network magnet set for your team today.

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