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PathSolutions: Back for Another Go-Round in the Interop NOC

Apr 12, 2016

Interop Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Convention, May 2016.When you walk into the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas for the Interop conference (May 4 to 5), you’ll see something of a miracle: hundreds of attendees and exhibitors, simultaneously connecting to and relying on a single, cohesive network.

What you won’t see is how much planning and effort it takes to assemble the network, called InteropNet, and keep it running flawlessly throughout the duration of the conference.

Indeed, maintaining uptime at Interop is a big job, and an important one; no exhibitor, after all, can afford to lose connectivity while showcasing his or her technology to a group of interested buyers. For this reason Interop is truly a mission-critical environment, where even a second of downtime could cause chaos.

Each year, PathSolutions’ TotalView troubleshooting software plays an integral role in helping to ensure the stability of InteropNet. This real-time troubleshooting solution provides Total Visibility across all layers of the network.

TotalView isn’t just a network monitoring platform; it’s a troubleshooting solution— the only solution on the market that provides enough actionable insight to perform fast, efficient and accurate troubleshooting.

To provide this level of insight, TotalView utilizes stripped-down, ultra-lightweight code that moves across the network quickly, collecting and reporting a wealth of real-time information on the health and status of each device and connection.

To learn more, download our white paper: The Four Stages of Network Troubleshooting

A glance at the TotalView hub gives network administrators a detailed network map along with the exact cause and location of each error. Plus, TotalView provides troubleshooting instructions written in plain English.

This combination of global network insight and proactive problem resolution is extremely important for a setup like InteropNet, where troubleshooting must take place immediately. The NOC team simply doesn’t have time to spend hours or days looking for the root cause of a network issue.

“What’s amazing about PathSolutions is that it can be set up and deployed in just 12 minutes, and you can be troubleshooting problems like port connection errors and broken cables by minute 13,” explains PathSolutions CTO Tim Titus. “This is critical for a show like Interop, which runs for just a week at a time.”

Titus compares Interop setup to trying to find your way around in the dark after moving into an unfamiliar place, like a new house. You’ll likely be tripping all over the place until you get a feel for the layout. A similar challenge greets network engineers at a show like Interop—or in any unknown network, for that matter—as they try to get acclimated with the environment.

“It takes many, many months for a new engineer to really understand the network,” Titus explained. “Using PathSolutions’ dynamic network mapping feature, however, you can get an immediate sense of how your network is put together, and start fixing problems within minutes.”

So as you stroll around the showroom floor at Interop, take a look at all the laptops, smartphones and tablets around you. Think about all the people who came together to build InteropNet in just a matter of days, and then, think of PathSolutions’ TotalView software, silently working hard behind the scenes.

Don’t forget to head over to the NOC and ask to see TotalView in action.

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