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Comprehensive Call Quality Monitoring for ShoreTel Systems

PathSolutions is the only call quality monitoring solution that is designed to fully integrate with ShoreTel and tell you when a poor quality call happened, who it affected, and what network event created the problem.

Key Features

In addition to all the TotalView features, the ShoreTel Connector includes the following ShorTel-specific features.

Email Alerts for Poor Quality Calls

Whenever a poor quality call occurs, an email alert can be triggered. The alert includes all call detail record information with a link to the TotalView call-path map feature so the root cause of the problem can be easily identified.

Specific Call Searches

Easily search through the CDR database to find a specific bad call. Drill-down to get statistics for both transmit and receive voice paths to determine which voice path had problems. Determine the root cause network problem with TotalView’s call path mapping.

Site Call Tracking

Quickly identify the worst calls between sites using the Top-10 Worst Site-To-Site Calls report. Click the call record to perform a more detailed analysis of quality issues.

Call Path Mapping—Complete Layer-2 Trace Route

For all calls, Call Path Mapping identifies network conditions during the call. Mapping includes a complete layer-2 trace route to determine every cable span and device involved in passing traffic between two IP phones with health and status of every involved link and device.

For more information

Contact PathSolutions or your ShoreTel reseller for additional information.