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Eliminate Unhealthy Trunk Ports

Trunk Ports 2TotalView 7 contains an all-new Trunk Port Report that provides real-time trunk port health and performance monitoring data for all trunk ports in the network. Network administrators can use the Trunk Port Report to easily track and manage all critical infrastructure links.  

How Deep Will TotalView 7 Take You?

space ship SMPathSolutions revolutionized network visibility for administrators with its comprehensive root-cause troubleshooting suite, TotalView. And it's still going deeper into the network than any other provider in the industry! Our latest version, TotalView 7, is the fastest, most detailed real-time performance monitoring solution to date.
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Our VoIP performance management solutions continuously monitor the performance of your entire VoIP network—including all corners of your network and beyond—and identify and diagnose the root cause of VoIP problems in plain-English.

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