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TotalView 8: Bigger Is Better, Right?

Here's What "Bigger" Means

TotalView 8 is capable of analyzing large enterprise networks (over 200,000 interfaces) with a single deployment.  This means that remote "collection agents" don't need to be deployed and synchronized to a master agent.  Fewer servers and instances means less care and feeding compared to other solutions that cap out at 10,000 elements per instance.

A New Look

The Device Summary page now includes icons which help represent the function of each device on the network. We’ll not only tell you what it is, but also provide a brief description of what it does based on it’s characterization, so you can quickly determine the purpose of each device on your network.

  • Firewall
  • Router
  • Layer-2 switch
  • Layer-3 switch
  • WiFi Access Point
  • Server
  • etc.
The graphing library is now completely new and allows for dynamic value checking by hovering over any statistic.

The Path map report now includes icons for easy identification of devices along a path.

In addition, the path map report will automatically path through un-managed portions of the network, thus completing the mapping even when there is missing routing information.

The Path map now includes MTU on interfaces to quickly identify MTU mismatches.

Routers will also show their CPU utilization graph to quickly spot anomalies.


New Call Simulator Codecs

The Call Simulator now supports Skype for Business audio and video codecs:

  • Skype.Silk(36)
  • Skype.Silk(26)
  • Skype.Silk(20)
  • Skype.Silk(13)
  • Skype.Siren
  • Skype.RTAudio(29)
  • Skype.RTAudio(11.8)
  • Skype.H264(240p)
  • Skype.H264(480p)
  • Skype.H264(720p)
  • Skype.H264(1080p)
  • Skype.RTVideo(240p)
  • Skype.RTVideo(480p)
  • Skype.RTVideo(720p)



Additional Improvements

  • New VLAN usage report showing which switches support which VLANs
  • Additional error counter: dot3StatsSymbolErrors added (19 error counters now!)
  • Issues tab includes grouping capability
  • Interfaces tab now reports on interfaces up to 100gig
  • Phones tab includes CDP/LLDP information about phone model
  • Native SNMPv3 support

For existing customers with current support contracts, please send your customer number to and we will provide you with a download link. Your customer number can be found in the Config Tool on the License Tab.