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TotalView 6:

Advances Root-Cause Troubleshooting to the Next Level

Delivers more network knowledge, depth, and intelligence—problems identified and resolved faster than ever before.

Our latest release, TotalView 6, delivers more network knowledge, depth, and intelligence so that problems are identified and resolved faster than ever before:

  • Instantly monitor the overall status and health of your network and the status and health of each individual link and device for any or all sections of your network using TotalView’s Dynamic Network Map’s new drill-down capabilities.
  • Select and use visual, customizable performance indicators, running inside or outside of TotalView’s dashboard, to instantly track specific metrics. You decide where and what type of information is displayed and TotalView automatically updates it.
  • Locate all information related to your network in one central location. While TotalView automatically collects information about each interface, including the device, OS version, serial numbers, manufacture date, firmware and software revisions, you can add additional information to manage inventory and track and amortize operational costs and compliance requirements.
  • Isolate the specific locations and plain-English faults that cause VoIP call quality problems whether they occur inside your network or in the cloud.

The end result? An advanced root-cause troubleshooting solution that provides real-time identification and analysis of your VoIP and data network issues, enabling your network and telecom teams to quickly address network issues, reduce troubleshooting time, and become more productive than ever before.

New Features

Real-Time Monitoring Goes Broad and Deep with Multiple Map Views

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Why have only one map monitoring your network in real-time when you can have any number of maps for any number of locations? Rather than wait up to 5 minutes to find out about an outage or failure, our Dynamic Network Maps will tell you what is working, and what is not, within 5 seconds of an outage. That way you can instantly monitor the overall status and health of your network and the status and health of each individual link and device for any or all sections of your network.

Whether you are monitoring the overall performance of your entire network with one map or have selected multiple locations, TotalView’s Dynamic Network Maps’ audible and visual cues are designed to instantly alert you of network issues. Visual cues indicate the utilization level—links will show as a thin green line if lightly utilized and become thicker as network utilization increases while a thick red line indicates heavy utilization. Links will change to a thick black line if the link is down (like dark fiber). Ping points are also available to show if a device is reachable or not, adding further validation of network stability. Audible alerts play when links or devices go down so you can know what’s happening immediately and start to remedy the problem.

The maps are viewable from any browser (no plug-ins required as it is all developed with HTML5) and allows for pan and zoom to any section of any map—the level of visible granularity is up to you.

Inventory Management Has Never Been Easier and It’s All Automated

Managing your network inventory has never been easier. For any make/model of device discovered on your network, the serial number, manufacture date, along with firmware and software OS revisions are now reported on the inventory tab. In addition, each interface is queried for CDP and LLDP information and displays exactly what device and OS version is connected to that switch/router interface. This provides more insight into what’s connected to your network than ever before.

Your Network Health has Gotten an Upgrade

We’ve completely redesigned the Health tab, providing user-changeable widgets that can be displayed inside or outside of this tab. You decide the type of widget and how you want information presented, and each widget auto-updates automatically. Monitoring has never been easier with these visual, customizable network performance indicators.

One Central Location for Financial and Compliance Tracking

More often than not, details about network purchases are tracked on different systems or even in a filing cabinet. While TotalView automatically provides compliance information like device manufacture dates, you can now enter and track the acquisition price, support cost, and amortization information for all devices on your network. Now you can ensure that you aren’t running equipment older than expected while gaining insights into the operational costs of your network.

Advanced Call Quality Analysis for Your Network or In the Cloud

TotalView’s Call Simulator provides even more call quality information to make root-cause troubleshooting faster and easier:

  • DSCP loss historical tracking: If DSCP is lost during a test, TotalView displays when it was lost so it can be correlated with network events to determine the cause.
  • Out of order reception historical tracking: If packets arrive out of order, TotalView tracks when it occurred.
  • Auto registration of remote RTP and TCP clients: TotalView auto-registers remote agents, making it easier to find them as they are deployed across a network.

For Our Customers

Contact to download the latest releasewe just need your customer number to send you the download link and instructions. If you don’t know your customer number or you are not currently on support, just let us know and we can assist you as well!

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