PathSolutions Delivers Total Network Visibility Through Release of New 4.0 Networking and VoIP Monitoring Solutions

Latest PathSolutions networking performance management offering provides the broadest and deepest coverage of every device and link in a company’s network

December 15, 2009, Santa Clara, CA ― PathSolutions, a data and VoIP network monitoring solution provider, today announced the latest release of its network monitoring solutions. Release 4.0 of PathSolutions’ Network Monitor and VoIP Monitor solutions continues to uphold the company’s standard of providing the broadest and deepest coverage of every device and link on an SME’s network, delivering total network visibility in the most time efficient and cost effective manner.

The traditional network environment is undergoing tremendous change as voice and data networks are no longer disparate entities. Instead, they are converging on a single network where the network and telecommunications groups must work together to ensure optimal performance. “Our solutions for VoIP and data networks monitor, identify and resolve network issues so that your telecom and data network groups can focus on delivering the highest possible performance easily and efficiently,” said Tim Titus, CEO of PathSolutions. “Our goal is to provide complete coverage for data and VoIP networks of any size. Our RX Engine also recommends fixes for every network problem that is identified, offering our customers unparalleled intelligence about every network device and link. No other solution does this.”

PathSolutions’ network monitoring solutions can be installed, deployed and auto-configured in less than 15 minutes, regardless of the network size. It then continuously monitors the health and status of all network devices and links, identifies the root causes of any network anomalies and prescribes fixes for them via its RX Engine. This enables network organizations to focus on network optimization, instead of spending endless hours and days trying to pinpoint where a network failure occurred.

“We installed PathSolutions’ VoIP Monitor in less than 5 minutes; and 20 minutes later, the problem my network engineer had been working on for days was discovered and fixed,” said Parsram Rajaram, IT manager for the City of Winter Park in Florida. “I use the VoIP Monitor to continuously monitor our network as well as to justify infrastructure changes and improvements that need to be made. In today’s current economic climate, it enables me to deliver a high performing network at the lowest possible cost. My users are happy, and I stay within a very challenging budget from both an operational and resource point-of-view.”

Release 4.0 of PathSolutions’ Network Monitor and VoIP Monitor is focused on providing data network and telecom organizations with even more visibility into possible performance issues. For example, although most modern networks are made with switched connections, many still have legacy half-duplex connections that result in performance robbing collisions. Network Monitor’s new Half Duplex Report instantly identifies which interfaces are configured for half-duplex, enabling network administrators to immediately reduce packet loss, which improves performance throughout the entire network. Additionally, VoIP Monitor’s unique patent-pending MOS Report feature continuously measures voice quality across the network so that you can quickly discover when, where and why voice quality degraded on any link in your infrastructure.

About PathSolutions

PathSolutions’ Total Network Visibility™ solutions represent a new paradigm in network performance monitoring software by changing how network optimization is done. The company’s solutions for VoIP and data networks are ready to go right out-of-the-box, acting as a network’s eyes and ears. The health and performance of every device and link in a network is continuously monitored and problems are quickly diagnosed, making network resources more productive and efficient. Working with companies like Tommy Bahama, Dow Chemical and Alcoa, PathSolutions is focused on ensuring that every network performs optimally, no matter the size or resources available. PathSolutions is a U.S.-based company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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