Phybridge Partners with PathSolutions

Offers a complete IaaS solution for low-cost, high performance VoIP and video networks

March 16, 2015, ORLANDO, Florida–PathSolutions and Phybridge have formed a strategic partnership to benefit organizations that need to migrate to VoIP or IP-based video security systems but are challenged by the infrastructure readiness requirements required to support new IP and PoE based technologies.

Phybridge is the global leader in 2-wire networking and produces the award winning PoLRE and CLEER Ethernet switches that can supply both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Ethernet signaling over single-pair telephone or COAX cabling at distances of over 650 meters (2000 feet).  This unique solution permits traditional POTS and TDM phone systems, as well as COAX based camera systems, to be upgraded to IP-based solutions without costly building or infrastructure changes by utilizing the existing infrastructure that supports those traditional devices.  “PathSolutions TotalView solution is the strongest software solution in the market for reducing the cost of network operations.” said John Croce, CEO of PhyBridge.  “Partnering with PathSolutions brings two strong players together to offer a complete IaaS (Infastructure as a Service) solution for low-cost, high performance VoIP and video networks.”

PathSolutions makes award-winning root-cause network troubleshooting solutions that pinpoint the exact location and cause of VoIP, video, and data problems for rapid resolution.  The TotalView solution can be fully deployed in 12 minutes and provide a plain-English description of detected faults anywhere they occur in the network so immediate remediation can occur.  By automatically monitoring 18 error counters on all ports on all switches, routers, gateways, and servers in the entire infrastructure, problems can be rapidly detected and remedied.  “Phybridge’s unique infrastructure solution enables organizations to convert to IP using their existing single pair foundation, saving a tremendous amount of time and money as well as reducing disruption and downtime.” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions.  “Together we offer a unique IaaS solution that redefines the cost model, on a far more economical basis, for solving network infrastructure problems.”

Both PathSolutions and Phybridge will deliver its combined solution to customers as an OpEx (Operational Expenditure) IaaS offering or CapEx (Capital Expenditure) purchase option.

About Phybridge

Phybridge Inc. is the leader in Power over Long Reach Ethernet switching, and is recognized for networking innovations that eliminate infrastructure barriers to IP adoption. Phybridge has more than 400,000 users globally leveraging the Phybridge switch innovations, and is proven to create a robust backbone that supports the migration to IP telephony, IP cameras or creating reliable connectivity for the internet of everything. Visit for more information.

About PathSolutions
Based in Santa Clara, California, PathSolutions is a leading provider of root-cause troubleshooting solutions that enable the rapid resolution of VoIP, VDI, video, and data quality issues. As a part of our Total Network Visibility™ philosophy, we offer a new paradigm in performance monitoring and optimization for IP networks: continuously monitoring the state of the network and identifying and prescribing fixes for the root causes of network performance issues. This allows our customers to quickly resolve any performance issues, maximizing productivity and efficiency. Our solutions are offered through a network of distribution partners across the globe and serve customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. For more information, visit

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