PathSolutions Slashes VoIP System MTTR by 50%

SwitchMonitor VoIP Features Real-Time Call Path Analysis and Phones Inventory

February 15, 2007 Santa Clara, Calif. ―Today PathSolutions put an end to long network repair times for VoIP systems when it announced March 2007 availability of its eagerly anticipated SwitchMonitor VoIP network monitoring solution.

“Until now, no one has had a good solution to isolating VoIP-specific network problems,” said CEO Scott Brown. “VoIP systems stress networks in new and unpredictable ways. There’s a lot of unseen potential for unpredictable call quality problems and service outages. SwitchMonitor VoIP changes all that by giving network engineers the information they need to resolve problems before they occur. Our customers are astonished at how quickly we help them isolate their VoIP issues.”

PathSolutions’ SwitchMonitor VoIP provides breakthrough capabilities for network engineers in VoIP environments. Not only does SwitchMonitor VoIP provide detailed IP telephony-related statistics such as latency, jitter, packet loss and MOS score, but it actually analyzes the call path between VoIP phones in real time, determining not only that a problem exists, but telling engineers precisely where the problem is and what’s causing it.

“VoIP problems occur even when the IP network is up and operational. For this reason traditional network monitoring tools often cannot detect problems” said Sean Cunningham, Serena Software’s Manager of Worldwide Network Operations. “When a user reports echo or call degradation we need to know the specific point in the network where the problem is and how to fix it quickly. Now I actually know what’s going on from end-to-end with SwitchMonitor VoIP, and the call path analysis feature makes trouble isolation a cinch. It was the easiest purchase decision I ever made.”

SwitchMonitor VoIP includes such features as a real-time inventory of connected phones with port-specific status information, call path analysis tools, and the ability to see real-time utilization for every link in a call path.

A 10-day free demo of PathSolutions’ SwitchMonitor VoIP network monitoring software is available to qualified network engineers. Visit the PathSolutions web site at for details.

About PathSolutions

PathSolutions’ Total Network Visibility™ solutions represent a new paradigm in network performance monitoring software by changing how network optimization is done. Our solutions for VoIP and data networks are ready to go right out-of-the-box, acting as your network eyes and ears. The health and performance of every device and link in your network is continuously monitored and problems are quickly diagnosed, making your network resources more productive and efficient. Working with companies like Tommy Bahama, Dow Chemical, and Alcoa, we are focused on ensuring that every network performs optimally, no matter the size or resources available. PathSolutions is a U.S. based company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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