PathSolutions Partners with Impact Technologies

Combined solution bridges gap between caller experience and network performance, offering unparalleled visibility into telecom resource utilization

March 16, 2015, SANTA CLARA, California–PathSolutions and Impact Technologies have formed a strategic partnership to provide telecom managers with unprecedented visibility into VoIP network utilization and performance and deep forensic and troubleshooting capabilities that streamline and optimize operations.

Impact Technologies offers the market’s most comprehensive view of voice network capacity calibration, utilization and performance, complemented with a dramatically different approach to call analytics. “PathSolutions’ complete visibility into the network layer and how it interoperates with VoIP has no equal,” said Bryan Baehr, President of Impact Technologies. “The VoIP industry has been striving to bridge the gap between caller experience and network performance for some time, and this partnership accomplishes this goal.”

PathSolutions makes award-winning root-cause network troubleshooting solutions that pinpoint the exact location and cause of VoIP, video, and data problems for rapid resolution.  “Impact Technologies’ depth of understanding of full life cycle capacity calibration and deep call forensics made it an easy decision to partner with them,” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions.  “Our combined offering makes for unparalleled visibility into telecom resource utilization.”

PathSolutions’ TotalView has been tightly integrated with Impact Technologies’ Traffic Analyst to make managing VoIP infrastructures easier and at a lower cost than ever before with features such as:

  • Identification of the root cause of a call quality problem in seconds.
  • Discovery of switch and port where a specific phone is located without digging through wire closets or crawling under desks.
  • Extensive search and drill down to trace calls within a network including the links, switches and routers used by a specific call.
  • Pinpointing specific devices experiencing not only QoS problems but dropped calls – with no specialized hardware to deploy.

This combined view allows telecom and network teams to work closely together to obtain a deeper and better understanding of the health, performance and cost of their VoIP investment and resources.

About Impact Technologies

Founded in 1990, Impact Technologies is a privately held corporation that delivers world class solutions in voice and data communication, safety and security.  Impact Technologies is located in St. Louis, MO.  For more information visit

About PathSolutions

Based in Santa Clara, California, PathSolutions is a leading provider of root-cause troubleshooting solutions that enable the rapid resolution of VoIP, VDI, video, and data quality issues. As a part of our Total Network Visibility™ philosophy, we offer a new paradigm in performance monitoring and optimization for IP networks: continuously monitoring the state of the network and identifying and prescribing fixes for the root causes of network performance issues. This allows our customers to quickly resolve any performance issues, maximizing productivity and efficiency. Our solutions are offered through a network of distribution partners across the globe and serve customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. For more information, visit

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